As an email specialist at Pleased to Mail You I have one single mission: Help businesses succeed with the best email practices and strategic solutions.

        I believe that email marketing is one of the best types of digital marketing on the web for three simple reasons:

• It is a tool that leaves you with the most control in your hands
• It is a more personal way of targeting and communicating with your customers or prospective clients
• It is a fact that the effort you put into it, correlates directly with your success.


        Most companies have similar problems and a hard time understanding how complex email actually is. Remember, email marketing is not just a means of distribution, but it is a way to connect and communicate with each and every client personally.

        I present different strategies that will help you think outside the box without annoying customers or hurting engagement with great ROI. By being well organized and targeting customers with valuable content I will be able to help you make changes in your business without disrupting processes that are already in place.

        I strive to provide current custom tailored advice that matches with your company’s goals. I will:

• Guide your business to be compliant with industry standards
• Make sure that you are equipped with anything you need from design to deliverability
• Provide you with the right tools
• Share best practices
• Help you with any bumps in the road

        I will provide you with the support and advice needed to create the perfect email with a personal touch that recipients will enjoy to receive and read. Because when it works, it is like magic.

        With my extensive knowledge and experience I can simplify the process. It is going to be my pleasure to work with you in your email marketing ad-ventures 😉


        I am a creative marketer with multiple expertise helping companies of all sizes build sales and attract new business by designing, developing and implementing innovative email marketing campaigns.

        As an unconventional critical thinker and strategic planner, I am consistently monitoring and analyzing performance data, identifying needed changes and improvements that increase email deliverability and maximize outreach. I am always eager to learn new ways to produce solutions in order to deliver successful results.

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The best scheduling times will vary depending on your subscribers. Sending at the best time on the right days can be tricky.

Each of your audiences will require testing. We can track open rates, unsubscribes, click-throughs and much more from each email sent to determine when your audience is the most receptive to your content.
Even with data availability when it comes to email statistics you get powerful data but with all of our preconceived notions we can end up forming the wrong conclusion.

I can help you analyze your data to draw the correct conclusion and allow you to focus on actionable takeaways.
Email marketing strategy is complex and many decisions need to be made. Choosing an email marketing tool, identifying your target audience or list building, I can help you get started.

Sending emails without any concrete goals? Don't know where to start? Let's connect today and talk about your business.
what we can offer and so much more
account setup
Content writing
Detailed Statistics
Monitor, analyze and optimize Open & click rate
Monitor, analyze and optimize Conversion rate, opt-out rate & other main KPIs
Call-to-Action Increase
Engagement Increase
Abandonment Statistics
Identify opportunities for A/B testing
Design that helps raise engagement
Help consolidate your brand on all platforms
Easy to use
Mobile Optimization
Complete customization
Sender reputation
Content Overview
Link reputation
List cleanup
Healthy relationship with Compliance Departments of major mailbox providers
meet basic anti-spam standard
Authenticate messages using SPF and DKIM
CanSPAM compliant
CASL Compliant
GDPR compliant
Compliance Assessment
captivating subject lines
Content catered to target audience
simple & straight to the point
Creative, Engaging, Effective, valuable
Custom content, no plagiarism
Well-balanced image to text ratio
choose email marketing service provider
List segmentation
welcome and Confirmation emails
email domain authentication
form setup
tracking setup
landing pages
list management
User management
Document campaign requirements
template implementation
Set user permissions
List cleanup
Filter through subscribers by engagement
permission levels
research audience